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Fandom Comm Meme

If any of you have fandom related comms, here's a fandom comm meme you might like to participate in. It could advertise a little for you.


Posting Exchange

I propose a way to get our members starting to think about posting. I've noticed that if the same person posts all the time, they won't want to post, but if someone new does, then they're like 'oh hey, good idea!' But how do you get new people to post, that's the hard thing. Hence this posting exchange idea.
What we'll do is we'll put up links to our comms (or forums or whatever. It doesn't just have to be livejournal) that need some posting help. Then we can look at what other people have put up. We organise to join each other's groups, and make a post (the admins can help you if you need it) in exchange for them making a post on one of ours.
think it'd work? Start posting your comms that need help in the comments!

It'd also be nice if we could at least go through all the comms listed in the comments, and go to them and make as many comments on the comms as possible. If we all did that to each other's comms, it could really help.

My community

I run a roleplay community called catchmeacatch. It's a multi-fandom roleplay. The premise is that Yente of Fiddler on the Roof has become a God-like figure who is pulling people out of various fictitious works in order to help them find their true love. At the moment we only have five members, but four of them are very active. Within the small group, there is always someone to play with. But I really would like more members, of course. Check it out and comment with any questions.


How do you personally advertise your comms (or websites)?
How do you personally find new comms to join?
I've noticed that most people advertise their comms in advertising communities, and that they find new comms through personal recommendations, and through interests and searches.
Many comms have rules against advertising, saying that 'there are plenty of advertising communities to go to to get new members!'. I can understand that they don't want their own members taken away, so if it's a writing community and you come in and advertise a writing community, that's really rude. But say you had a comedy shows community, and someone came in and advertised a comm for a specific comedy show, I wouldn't consider that rude, or that it was going to take away from my membership.
I run several comms for very small fandoms, and the only way I can let people know they exist is with a polite message left on people's LJs. A few times people have gotten angry at me for it. Telling me I was spamming them etc.

Really though, how do you think this problem can be eased?

My New Comm- Idea Donation


Have you ever had a good idea for something, or seen a good idea for something, and though you haven't been able to do it yourself, you wish someone would? Or you'd like to discuss the possibilities?

You can donate those ideas here. Or adopt an idea.
Or if you've heard of a good idea that you didn't come up with but you think people should incorporate, you can share those too!

Ideas for fiction, inventions, innovations, society, toys and products, comms, websites... Share them, and incorporate them. Pass on the link to as many people as possible, the more people, the more chance that we'll come up with some fantastic ideas, and that more of them will be incorporated, and we'll reach further into the world with them.

People might give you some good website or comm ideas! :D

Also, if you make a new comm, you're welcome to post about it once in groupperil.

Jun. 16th, 2008

Is there a way to set the tags list on comms as a cloud version rather than a list, without changing the whole skin? I'm on a basic account.
And is anyone else annoyed by the fact that once you get to a certain number of members, I think it's 500, you can't see the list of members on the profile page unless you upgrade your account? Even as the admin!

Also... where is everyone? I can't be the only one with problems/things to discuss... Really. Feel very free to ask whatever questions or start up whatever discussions you want. Rant, whatever! :D About your comms, websites, forums, etc... 

... whoops.

Why do I keep doing things that I am not entirely sure how to handle? :P The other week I nominated all of my various comms for spotlighting, except for the one that already has been, obviously. I wasn't expecting them to say yes, I mean, I've already had one put up! But I thought I should, because... some of them are really quiet, and I like the idea of them, so I want them to grow.
I just got an email saying that we're spotlighted. (Why don't they give any warning! Like 'tomorrow we'll put you on spotlight', rather than 'Congratulations! Thanks to your nomination, we've chosen your "food_in_fiction" community for the LJ spotlight. I'll add it to the spotlight in just a few minutes.'
meep. I've been through this before. But at least the profile/rules for this comm are better written originally, and the concept is clearer. So hopefully it won't go insane. Could anyone look at my comm, heard_of_it and tell me anything I should change before the hoards come? Rules/guidelines? Tags?
Any words of wisdom in general?

New Mods

One of my comms is large, but not particularly active, which is very annoying to me. I also have a lot of admin things to figure out. My two mods, who signed up when I was featured last year, have both gone sort of AWOL, haven't seen or heard from them for months. It happens.
So now, how do I find another mod? I advertised on my comm. One member replied, and I accepted her immediately, because we've been on each other's flists for ages, and she's cool. I'm trying to get people who a) will help keep the comm active, b) will respond to other people's entries where they can, c) will help with various adminny stuff, like tags and rewriting the rules. c) i know I can trust them with accepting or rejecting entries appropriately.

What do you look for in a mod? Where do you find your mods?

Asking someone to step down.

Hey, everyone! I've got a big of a tough problem because I really want to ask a maker in my comm to step down from her post as a member of the comm's graphics team, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. I don't think her graphics are up to pat compared to the work the rest of my team produces, but honestly, the whole situation's my fault because I never wanted to accept her in the first place. She's a friend of a friend, who's one of my co-mods, and she asked to join our team. I just didn't have the heart to turn her down then. Do you think it's right for me to ask her to step down now? If so, can you suggest anyway for me to discuss this with her without trampling on her feelings? Any advice is tremendously appreciated! 

ETA: I mentioned this in a comment and figured I may as well add it in -- I think another part of the reason that I want this person to step down (though I suppose I didn't want to admit it before) is that she's sorta pushy. Well, she is with me, at least. I don't think she means to be at all, but she's always nagging at me to affiliate with the new comms she sets up and to try her tutorials when, really, I'd rather not. I suppose my hatred of confrontation is really making me apprehensive, but I know I should stop beating around the bush and be honest with her that I don't like her pushiness. It's a very difficult thing for me to do though.

Jun. 3rd, 2008

This is partially a repost, hoping that some of the newer members can help.

Is there a way to put various games, I was thinking fairly simple ones, on a site, and people play them while still on the site? It'd also have to be free, and not 'annoying' ones. Anyone know of any, or if it's possible?

I hope that some people other than me post some questions or discussions soon! :) Go ahead, we won't bite! And they can be as small or big problems or questions as you want.