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10 year olds

A 10 year old joins your forum or website or comm. Do you ban them? What if members are feeling uncomfortable having them there, since it's not a G rated forum? (it's also not X rated for the most part but there are definitely adult themes).
Would you feel uncomfortable then with a 13 year old, or do you assume that they know some things already?


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Aug. 23rd, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
My two active communities are a book club, which isn't specifically about adult themes but often contains them, and a women's health community where people often talk about intimate issues. I can't even imagine a ten year old being interested in the book club but I would probably ban a ten year old from the health community simply because I think that some members would feel uncomfortable talking about intimate health issues, sometimes involving sex, knowing that someone so young might be reading their words. A 13 year old I'd have less issues with but would probably steer them away from the book club since I don't think they'd really be able to participate fully.
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