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Screened Comments

I set up a community to screen comments from non members. How can I set it so that it emails me when there's a screened comment to unscreen?


My group http://community.livejournal.com/giftswantorneed/ is going to be spotlighted in early December. I'd like to be prepared for it. Can you see any ways that new members would be confused, and perhaps post entirely the wrong sort of thing? Any rules I should add or change?


Ever tried advertising your group with Fiverr? What did you get them to do and did it work?

10 year olds

A 10 year old joins your forum or website or comm. Do you ban them? What if members are feeling uncomfortable having them there, since it's not a G rated forum? (it's also not X rated for the most part but there are definitely adult themes).
Would you feel uncomfortable then with a 13 year old, or do you assume that they know some things already?


Most posts to this comm are under lock and key. They're about all aspects of adminning- not just comms, but forums and websites too.
It'd be great if you'd join and ask us for help, or offer advice.

Help us establish our website?

Not Negative News is a brand new website that is looking for new members, commenters, and submissions.

We're hoping to change the world and people's days through sharing positive news- would you like to help us? We made the site after deciding that the media has far too much of a negative slant on the news. It rarely reports good things happening, and turns neutral things negative in an attempt to catch your eye. All it does is stress people and upset them. The world is not as bad as that.

If you've read a positive news story, to do with any topic, you can submit it. You can also positively review products, movies, books, hotels, websites, whatever you enjoyed. You can submit your appropriate press releases. You can be cheered up and find out some good things going on around the world.

I hope to see you there!

Forum Shennanigans

I thought that some of you might get a kick out of this.


This comm here... almost all the interests that it is listed as having, are 'full'. So, things like 'writing', 'art' that sort of thing. Which means it won't come up in a search. What can I do about that? Can you think of any other interests I could add that aren't as popular but that people might actually still search for?


How much would you pay for a month banner ad on a forum site, which has about 1000 unique visitors a month plus about 50 regular members a day (about 200 regular members overall), and the banner ad will be rotated with about 20 other ads, randomly?

Aug. 18th, 2008

I've just started a community called whatifcelebs. It's dedicated to anything and everything involving theoretical versions of celebrities.